4 Episodes

Learn about coding languages, technology, and techniques on CodeLAB. Join Mark as he covers topics like Python, SQL databases, JavaScript and more. New training for coders weekly!

  • Python Jam: Learn Python Basics

    Episode 1

    Learn the basics of Python when you join Mark for this Python Jam! Mark will show you how to write your first Python program and execute it using the command line. You will learn how to use Python variables and conditional statements. Finally, you'll wrap up with a demo of a simple Python program...

  • Make an App with HTML5 and JavaScript

    Episode 2

    Join Mark as he codes an on-screen painting app with HTML5 and JavaScript.

  • What is an API?

    Episode 3

    Mark explores the Open Weather Map API as you learn how to access API-based data using JavaScript.

  • HTML and CSS Project for Beginners: Attractive Check-Out Page

    This is a great project for new developers: Create an attractive check-out page using HTML and CSS. Download the source code and follow along as Mark reviews all the HTML and the CSS used to achieve the clean User Interface for this page.

    Download the Source Code: