CSS3 Specialist 2022/23

CSS3 Specialist 2022/23

In this series you'll master CSS (Cascading Style Sheet Language) the language of digital design.

With CSS you'll take full creative control over your websites and other digital products. In this series, you'll learn everything from CSS typography to CSS page layouts and forms. HTML allows you to structure a website while CSS while allow you to create usable and beautiful designs.

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CSS3 Specialist 2022/23
  • CSS Course for Beginners | Where to Put CSS Code | Video 01

    This is the first video in our CSS Course for Beginners series. In this video, Mark will show you three ways of inserting CSS into a document and the basics of CSS syntax.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | CSS Typography | Video 02

    In this video, you'll learn how to style type using CSS. CSS offers numerous typographical styles that you can control through your CSS code. Mark also demonstrates how you can select from thousands of fonts with Google fonts and implement them through CSS code.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | CSS Box Model | Video 03

    This is video 03 from Mark's Css Course for Beginners. In this video, Mark demonstrates the CSS box model, and explains how to implement it in your CSS coding work. Mark reviews box width, borders, margins, and padding.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | Page Layout with CSS Part I | Video 04

    In this CSS Course for Beginners Video, Mark will discuss using CSS to position elements within the browser and float-based page layouts. Mark will demo creating multi-column page layouts using CSS

  • CSS Course for Beginners | Page Layout with CSS Part II | Video 05

    Continuing Mark's CSS Course for Beginners, you'll examine flexbox for page layout in CSS in this video. With Flexbox, you can set up your user interface to adjust automatically for different sizes and resolution screens.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | CSS Forms | Video 06

    Mark continues his CSS Course for Beginners. Forms are an essential part of most websites. Well-designed forms increase click-through rates and make your site more successful. In this video, Mark reviews the CSS to use with forms.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | Responsive Design | Video 07

    In this seventh video in Mark's CSS Course for Beginners, he covers responsive design. Responsive design allows on-screen elements to adjust for different-sized screens and resolutions.

  • CSS Course for Beginners | CSS Animation | Video 08

    In this final CSS Course for Beginners Video, Mark reviews the foundations of CSS Animation. Mark demonstrates both a tweened animation and a spritesheet-based animation created with CSS.

  • CSS Code Labs

    4.57 MB

    These are the lab exercises required to complete the CSS Specialist program.