LinkedIn Profile for Professionals

LinkedIn Profile for Professionals

Is your LinkedIn Profile underperforming? Are you maximizing the opportunity LinkedIn provides to create a business-building professional network? Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines.

Gary Vaynerchuk has called LinkedIn a social platform he “really, really believes in.”

Forbes Magazine calls LinkedIn the “premier networking tool.”

If you haven’t maximized your LinkedIn presence, you’re missing out on many professional benefits and opportunities. Companies are sourcing everything from speakers to consultants to new vendors through their LinkedIn network. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t appearing in those search results, you are missing out on these opportunities– plain and simple!

So how do you create a high-performing, exciting LinkedIn profile? And, how do you ensure that profile appears when people search?

Sandra Long and her flagship course, LinkedIn Profile for Professionals, have those answers.

As you complete this course, you will craft a compelling and attractive LinkedIn Profile with language, images, and video to motivate and inspire your prospects, clients, and partners. Working alongside Sandra, you’ll enhance your profile and brand as you learn to reveal your unique personal qualities and your compelling professional story in your profile.

Sandra will reveal best practices as she shares best-in-class LinkedIn profile strategies and directs you to recreate your profile for maximum findability and impact. Packed with hands-on demonstrations and examples, you’ll experience more and more benefits of an optimized profile with each update you make to your profile.

If you want to be among the professionals who are building robust networks, enhancing their professional image, and – most importantly – experiencing opportunity knocking, you should enroll in LinkedIn Profile for Professionals now.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals develop their business, recruit, and make sales on LinkedIn. With this course, you can be one of them.

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LinkedIn Profile for Professionals
  • Welcome

    Meet Sandra Long, the author of "LinkedIn for Personal Branding: The Ultimate Guide," who will be the instructor for this course. Let's bring your profile to life using all free features on LinkedIn! Be ready to think more strategically about your digital presence. Your personal brand and expert...

  • How People Search for You

    Prospects, clients, partners, and colleagues are searching online for people every day. Learn how and where people digitally search for you so that you can take advantage of LinkedIn SEO (search engine optimization) power.

  • Brand Yourself (Position Yourself)

    Your personal brand is the reason that people will hire or refer you. Learn how to create the best impression by leveraging your authentic brand on LinkedIn. Your personal and company brand work together to impress and influence prospects, candidates, and clients. Download the PDF document and ch...

  • Your LinkedIn Account

    You have the responsibility to manage your LinkedIn account. Learn about the user agreement, privacy and settings, character counts, and image specifications. Download the LinkedIn Account PDF document in this lesson to save valuable resource links.

  • Save a A PDF Version of Your Profile

    Save a PDF copy of your profile before you begin making edits so you will have access to wording in case you need to refer back. You can also use the PDF to view your own personal before and after comparison.

  • Deciding to Broadcast Profile Edits

    Do you want to broadcast your profile changes to your network? Learn about the pros and cons as well as the settings to turn this feature on or off.

  • Use Power Words

    The words you use in your profile make a big impact. Not only will people be able to find you in search, you will also be creating an immediate impression with your language choices. Download a list of power verbs for your profile.

  • Making Profile Edits

    LinkedIn has some nooks and crannies. Learn the basics of how to edit your LinkedIn profile that you can apply to all the lessons.

  • Optimize Your Profile

    A complete profile is displayed in LinkedIn searches more often. Learn the key elements that are required to optimize your profile.

  • Your Name

    People will search for you by name on LinkedIn, so be sure to accurately display the common name that you use. There are also some key do's and don't about the name field that all LinkedIn users need to know. Consider leveraging two name options: Gender pronouns and audio name pronunciation.

  • Public Profile and Customized URL

    Your LinkedIn profile can appear in Google and other searches. You have the power to decide exactly what will appear outside of LinkedIn. You can also customize your URL to be more findable and to appear more savvy as a user.

  • Create a Website Profile Badge

    Do you have a website? Learn to display an image and link from your LinkedIn profile. Help your customers and prospects find you on LinkedIn!

  • Select Your Location and Industry

    People often search for people by using the geography and industry search filters. Learn how to optimize the location and industry fields in your profile.

  • Services Page for Freelancers

    Freelancers can now create a unique services page to showcase their services. This provides greater visibility as users can now perform a search for services. Learn to create this page, share your services, and display customer reviews.

  • Options for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    Hiring managers and recruiters have the opportunity to be more visible and appealing to prospective candidates. Learn how you can leverage a basic LinkedIn profile for hiring.

  • Optimize Your Email Addresses on LinkedIn

    You want to include ALL of your email addresses in your LinkedIn account to avoid the problem of mistakenly creating a duplicate account. Learn how to add, change, prioritize and display your email address for maximum effect.

  • Connect Your Twitter Account to LinkedIn

    Be more visible and engaged by connecting Twitter to your LinkedIn account. Learn how to add your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Add Your Contact Information

    More people will be looking at your LinkedIn profile, so you want to be sure that they can easily reach you! Learn to optimize all the contact information fields.

  • Education

    Your education is an important field in your profile and the key to much of your potential networking. Learn best practices for entering your education information into LinkedIn.

  • Your Work Experiences

    Your work experience is often the most meaty part of your LinkedIn profile. There are many ways to display your work. Tune into this lesson to learn best practices about work experience related to the structure, search, portfolio career entries, present vs past, and adding media.

  • Your Skills are Essential

    Your skills section needs to be more targeted and strategic! Select the best skills to attract prospects, partners, clients and candidates to your profile.

  • Licenses and Certification

    Licenses and certifications add immediate credibility, so you want to learn how to display them best.

  • Recommendations

    LinkedIn recommendations are powerful social proof. People increasingly rely on third party testimonials. Learn how to get and give recommendations to add to your profile.

  • Your Introduction Card

    Make a wonderful first impression! The LinkedIn Introduction card is located at the top of your profile, and serves as that spot to create that impression. Learn how to enhance and leverage your introduction card.