LinkedIn Profile for Professionals

LinkedIn Profile for Professionals

Is your LinkedIn Profile underperforming? Are you maximizing the opportunity LinkedIn provides to create a business-building professional network? Now is not the time to sit on the sidelines.

Gary Vaynerchuk has called LinkedIn a social platform he “really, really believes in.”

Forbes Magazine calls LinkedIn the “premier networking tool.”

If you haven’t maximized your LinkedIn presence, you’re missing out on many professional benefits and opportunities. Companies are sourcing everything from speakers to consultants to new vendors through their LinkedIn network. If your LinkedIn profile isn’t appearing in those search results, you are missing out on these opportunities– plain and simple!

So how do you create a high-performing, exciting LinkedIn profile? And, how do you ensure that profile appears when people search?

Sandra Long and her flagship course, LinkedIn Profile for Professionals, have those answers.

As you complete this course, you will craft a compelling and attractive LinkedIn Profile with language, images, and video to motivate and inspire your prospects, clients, and partners. Working alongside Sandra, you’ll enhance your profile and brand as you learn to reveal your unique personal qualities and your compelling professional story in your profile.

Sandra will reveal best practices as she shares best-in-class LinkedIn profile strategies and directs you to recreate your profile for maximum findability and impact. Packed with hands-on demonstrations and examples, you’ll experience more and more benefits of an optimized profile with each update you make to your profile.

If you want to be among the professionals who are building robust networks, enhancing their professional image, and – most importantly – experiencing opportunity knocking, you should enroll in LinkedIn Profile for Professionals now.

Hundreds of thousands of professionals develop their business, recruit, and make sales on LinkedIn. With this course, you can be one of them.

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LinkedIn Profile for Professionals
  • Your Photo Matters

    Your headshot photo is an important element in that first impression, and displays in your Introduction card. Learn what makes a great photo and how to upload it.

  • Create a Compelling Headline

    Your headline is not just your job title. Your headline offers you a bigger opportunity to set the tone for your personal brand. You are creating impressions and the headline is a major factor! In addition, the headline is one of the most important places to use keywords for optimal search. Downl...

  • Background Banner

    LinkedIn offers us the chance to add a powerful image behind our personal photo. This profile feature is known as a background banner. This is a wonderful opportunity to create an impression andd tie relevant visuals to our brand. Download the lesson PDF to learn how to create your own banner aft...

  • The Power of the About Essay

    Yes you can write about yourself, and more importantly you should! The About essay is a golden opportunity to position yourself most effectively. This one section is the best way to really differentiate yourself against all the other folks who are in a similar role or profession. Download essay ...

  • Volunteering, Organizations and Causes

    Your professional organizations and volunteer work can impress your profile viewers and help you build a network. Learn best practices for sharing your volunteering, organizations, and the causes you care about on LinkedIn.

  • Publications

    Are you a writer? Or has someone quoted or mentioned you? Consider using the Publications section in LinkedIn. Learn how to add and display your publications in your profile.

  • Awards, Patents & Projects

    Awards, Patents, and Projects are impressive! If you have an interesting award, project or patent now ( or patent pending), you will want to add them to your LinkedIn profile.

  • Courses and Test Scores

    Learners are earners. Continuous learning fuels success! Consider adding your courses to your LinkedIn profile. Learn about courses and test scores, and how to be selective and strategic in what you include in your profile.

  • Language Options

    If you speak multiple languages, you have two great options to leverage on LinkedIn. Learn to display your languages on your LinkedIn profile. Go a step further, and consider creating a second language profile.

  • Featured Content

    Featured content offers an amazing opportunity to be visual and highlight your best content! Learn how to select and add your content for prominent display on your profile.

  • Activity, Analytics, Resources, and Interests

    Your activity, interests, resources, and analytics sections are populated by LinkedIn automatically based on your personal activity. The activity page and interests are public, while the other two are for your eyes only. Learn how to take advantage of these sections of your profile.

  • Cover Story Video

    LinkedIn now offers a chance to share a 30 second video from the Introduction card. Learn how to add this powerful video to your profile. Download the PDF lesson document for step by step instructions.

  • Creator Mode Option

    Creator mode is an option that users can activate. It is designed for people who are very actively creating original content on LinkedIn. Learn the pros and cons of this optional setting.

  • Appearance, Quality and Views

    Your profile is all set but now is the time to do an appearance and quality check. Let's make sure you are creating the best impression possible. Learn how to easily share your profile in a direct message.

  • Compliance and Propriety

    Your LinkedIn account is your responsibility in terms of compliance and privacy. Be sure to follow your industry and company guidelines and represent yourself professionally at all times.

  • Closing Thoughts: Get Connected and Referred

    Now that your profile is looking its best, you are ready to get connected and referred!