4 Episodes

Join Mitchell Weinbaum for ProductivityLab. Each week, Mitchell will show you new software, tools, and techniques to make you more productive in the digital world!

  • Getting Organized: To-Do List Apps

    Episode 1

    Struggling to keep yourself on track? In this episode, Mitchell gives you the lowdown on all the best and most user-friendly to-do applications for the Mac operating system.

  • Camtasia 2022: In-Depth Review

    Episode 2

    Camtasia is hands-down one of the best and easiest ways to record your screen -- and their latest 2022 edition is jam-packed with all sorts of new features designed to make your life easier, In this video, Mitchell breaks it all down and gives you a solid, in-depth review.

  • Six Google Calendar Tips to Boost Productivity

    Episode 3

    Google Calendar may appear to be a simple and easy calendar application on the surface, but in truth, it's riddled with hidden features waiting to be discovered. In this episode, you'll learn some tips & tricks to help you better manage your appointments and tasks and be more productive!

  • 10 Ways to Optimize Your MacBook

    Episode 4

    In this episode, you'll learn some tips, tricks, and gestures that will help you get the most out of your Mac Device.